WB Fashion | WB Fashion
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WB Fashion

Under this brand we produce, sew and sell in wholesale our own garment products, such as blouses and shirts for women.


We have been working continuously since 1991 and currently we can enjoy a strong position on the market of Polish manufacturers of clothing for women.


The professionalism of our brand apart from the experience is due to the fact that it is made by a qualified and precise personnel that can implement our vision through work with the most cutting-edge machinery.


Our other advantages? First of all, one has to emphasize here the care for the specialization of the production, but also the quality of our clothes that are only made of highest-quality knitted and woven fabrics. Furthermore, our new collections are introduced to the market several times a year.

Since 1991 acting as Waldimex and now as WB Fashion we provide supply to the Polish, as well as European markets. We export our clothes, among others to Germany, France, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary.




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